2007 US Constellations Conference

Workshop Event Details

"Illness and Soul"


When well-indicated treatments fail, when non-compliance proves to be life-threatening, when anticipated improvement is absent, chronic pain,illness, accidents and suffering provide compelling urgency to find solutions. When the familiar domains of medicine and psychology prove inadequate to understand the true origins and dynamics of illness, the systemic approach can dramatically enhance one's ability to gain insight and remove obstructions to health. Both physical and psychological pain often correlate with unresolved issues from the past. Stephan's ground-breaking approach will enable you to experience the influence of individual, family and cultural dynamics on the disease process.

Stephan Hausner, one of Europe’s foremost constellation facilitators, was originally drawn to Asheville because of its unique relationship with a variety of healing modalities. Stephan will lead an innovative workshop that will explore the systemic influence on one's health and susceptibility to disease. Through his unique ability to find the starting point, Stephan patiently waits as the constellation unfolds and the hidden link between symptom and love reveals itself.

If you suffer from an illness, feel concern about your child's illness, facilitate workshops on the theme of illness, or provide healthcare services and seek to understand the dynamics that influence your clients’ disease processes, this is for you. This workshop will enable participants to experientially observe the influence of individual, family and cultural dynamics on the disease process. The impact goes beyond the spoken word, revealing the underlying dynamics of illness.

Track: Health/Family
Level: All
Time: Mon. 9:15 am - 6 pm