Services offered:


Individual therapy (in person or over the phone)

Work can include self-exploration, family of origin issues, current family issues, work- related matters, health issues, financial concerns or anything else. Issues will be identified early and tools will be used to bring to awareness whatever you need to gain internal support.


Trauma work

Trauma begins before birth and continues till the day we die. Despite our inability to articulate them, pre-verbal experiences are often traumatic to our nervous system. Even then, both the mind and the body respond. Although the effects on the mind are often addressed, attention to the body’s response is usually neglected. By accessing both at once, the effects of trauma can be healed.  


Triage for families of children encountering behavioral problems

So often children are faced with medical or disciplinary responses to behavioral problems. Such responses may or may not affect their behavior and almost always neglect the cause of these valuable symptoms. Children hold the answers inside them, just as adults do. With brief therapy, the cause of the symptoms comes quickly to the surface, pointing the way to resolution. Indicated options can be discussed and referrals made, as relevant to your child’s unique needs.


Public Workshops

Group workshops provide the added value of observing the work of others who navigate the same human issues as each one of us. Through contact with others, participants gain momentum in their own self-exploration.

Family Sessions

Family sessions generally involve a group meeting, followed by individual sessions with each member, and concluding with a second group session. This process can be tailored to the needs of your family. Fees include hourly rates and compensation for travel outside of a 75 mile radius, and will be discussed in our initial consultation.


Training and Supervision for service providers in the helping professions

We enter the healing professions to heal something in our own self or family. When we uncover these personal needs, we can approach our work with greater success and freedom, resulting in a more positive outcome for our clients and ourselves. With 31 years of consecutive psychiatric experience, educaion and learning behind me, I offer workshops and supervision with a holistic approach for those who work therapeutically with others.

Nurses on Nursing

Nursing is a unique field which holds the opportunity for both tremendous joy and discouraging frustration. No one can relate to the ups and downs of nursing like another nurse. Whether you are a new nurse, an experienced nurse, a nurse who has "retired" from nursing for whatever reason, or a nurse with a further degree, come join this ongoing group for Nurses on Nursing. There's room for you to tell your story, learn from others' experience, discuss your current work situation and brainstorm about your vision or future possibilities. First group free! Drop ins welcome.