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About Sheila Saunders

Sheila Saunders is professionally licensed as a Registered Nurse and as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Sheila holds Master's degrees in Clinical Psychology and Homeopathic Medicine and has worked in the psychiatric field for 31 years, providing group therapy at the former John Bradshaw National Treatment Center in Los Angeles, working in children's residential treatment, psychiatric hospitals, chemical dependency programs, in Superior Court's Family Court Services and most recently at Copestone Child and Adolescent Treatment Program at Mission Hospitals in Asheville, North Carolina. Sheila has focused throughout her career on the gentle but profound effects of a wide variety of treatment modalities. She has found Systemic Constellations to provide an opportunity for the most profound life changes yet encountered.

Sheila has trained extensively in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger himself, as well as with the most experienced international facilitators. Sheila has presented her work at the 1st Congress of the Americas in Oaxaca, Mexico, the 1st US Conference on Systemic Work in Portland, Oregon and at the 2nd US Constellation Intensive in Santa Barbara, California as well as providing workshops in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Additionally, Sheila had the honor of organizing the 2nd U.S. Conference on Systemic Constellation Work, an international event which was held in Black Mountain, North Carolina in October of 2007.

Sheila offers Systemic Constellation workshops, individual sessions, family sessions (brief or extended weekend sessions), phone sessions, trainings including introductory evenings, and ongoing Learning Circles. Workshops take place in the Asheville area and may also be arranged in your city.

Sheila has traveled extensively in her career and continues to enjoy visiting friends and colleagues around the country and the world. Hiking in the mountains, inner tubing down a river and reading Irish and Scottish historical novels take up some free time. Sheila lives in the mountains of western North Carolina, just north of Asheville.

about Joseph Malinak

Joseph Malinak has practiced his gifts as a spiritual and self-help teacher in a variety of settings for over thirty years. He is a graduate of the Bert Hellinger Institute USA training program where he was taught by Bert Hellinger as well as the foremost international facilitators of this work: Harald Hohnen, Gunthard Weber, Stephan Hausener, and Hunter Beaumont.

Joseph is also a graduate of The Mastery of the Heart School four year teacher training program that certified him to teach profound self-healing techniques that are grounded in a foundation of deep, abiding love. Joseph has always been dedicated to self-growth in himself and dedicated to facilitating others in their own self-growth. What he learned and practiced at The Mastery of the Heart School allowed him to embrace the next step and his personal calling, assisting persons in the art and empowerment of self-healing. Along with his lovely wife, Sarah Elizabeth, Joseph has taught the “Opening your Heart to Love” workshop around the U.S. His enthusiasm for working specifically with men was expressed through his “Healing the Heart of the Wounded Male” and other workshops designed particularly for men.

He finds the use of Constellation and Soul Work methods to be profound instruments of self healing for all. However, Joseph’s interest in the challenges for modern men has found new expression in the Hellinger Constellation and Soul Work methods. In constellation work men are able to reconnect with their fathers and grandfathers in a way that goes beyond individual personalities and can lead to profound changes over time in a man’s life. This masculine re-connection allows a man to experience and share more love and compassion with his family, his friends and himself. To explore Joseph's thoughts in greater detail, please visit "Explore the Masculine Field."

Joseph has twenty-five years experience as a successful business man and finished his business career as a consultant to large corporations in the area of automating Human Resource functions. He is excited about how Constellation and Soul Work can assist corporations, institutions, churches, synagogues, associations, etc. in creating healthier work places that are more productive and successful.


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