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Descriptive Articles on Family Constellations:

The Theory Behind Constellations
By Dr. Chris Walsh

Historical Foundations of Family System Constellations
By Jamy Faust, Contributing editor: J. Edward Lynch, Ph.D.

Family Constellations: An Innovative Systemic Phenomenological Group Process from Germany

Dan Cohen

Preparing for A Constellation Workshop
By Dr. Chris Walsh

Does the family make us sick?
By Bertold Ulsamer

Order in love
By Bertold Ulsamer

New Developments in Family Constellations
By Bert Hellinger


Individual Work:

Using Figures for Family Constellations with Individual Clients
by Jakob Schneider


Organizational Constellations:

An interview with Bert Hellinger about his methods applied in organizations
By Humberto del Pozo

Organizational Constellations

Gunthard Weber


Nature Constellations:

Description of a Working Method for Nature Constellations

Bertchthold Wasser and Ken Sloan


Trauma Work and Constellations:

Trauma Work and Family Constellations: Irreconcilable or Complementary?
By Bertold Ulsamer

WAR IN COLORADO: Systemic Perspective on a contemporary Social Trauma
by Dr. Anngwyn St. Just


Societal Issues:

International Similarities and Differences in Family Structure and Family Problems
By Bertold Ulsamer

Christian/Jewish German/Jewish Healing in the Soul
By Bert Hellinger

The Power of Presence (The Australian, May 24, 2003)

Phillip Adams



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