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New developments in Family Constellations

Bert Hellinger's Introductory talk on the first training day Santa Barbara, July 28, 2002

Everything that is alive, grows. Family Constellations started as the method, and through this method we gained very important insights. In the meantime, it has grown, and several new things evolved and revealed themselves in family constellations.

More and more it comes to light that something else takes over, beyond our thinking and beyond our intentions. I have felt it in the field that beyond the individual soul, a greater soul exists that has one direction. And the direction this greater soul heads in is towards uniting what has been separated or what had been in conflict with one another before. So there is a growing integration or reconciliation of what had previously been in opposition. There is a big movement towards peace in this very respect.

This greater soul exacts upon our lives that we reconcile within us what we have rejected, looked down upon, or excluded because we thought perhaps that it was not valuable or even impure, and we have to learn that the dark side belongs to us as well. The dark side is the foundation of what is above it - and if that is not integrated, then all that seems to be on top falls down as worthless.

Hence, out of family constellations and what has grown from it, more and more is concerned with the dark side; looking at it, facing it, taking it in our hearts. And suddenly we feel truly enriched when we do accept it. We accept those people, whom we thought before as evil, even criminal. And then, all the presumptions we have about the 'good' people breaks down. We then realize that all of us are just the same. No differences, especially in front of that which carries us, all of us together, all of us are just the same. Nobody is bigger. Nobody is smaller. And whatever we do, we are in the service of something that takes hold of us. And I think in this work here we can sense this, experience this, and learn how to take it within ourselves.



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