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Individual Work: Brief Therapy

In theory, traditional talk therapy which generally takes place over months and years, results in insight, a mental process which encourages effective behavioral changes. Constellation work results in movement on a very deep level - the level of the soul. The initial movements take less time upfront, but provide shifts whose effects can be seen for months and years to come.

I’ve learned from my clients that long term weekly therapy which lasts for months or even years is  not necessarily the best or the most effective option for all people or all issues. In fact, the impracticality of lengthy approaches often does not match the issue or the demands of real life. I have found that short-term therapy is actually more effective for most people most of the time. If you are looking for support for a brief time, to address either a chronic or acute issue in your life, we may be a good match. (Details of services offered)

Many people have experienced the effects of constellations done in a group setting, using persons unknown to them as representatives for members of their family systems. In individual work, the "representatives" may be small figures moved about on a tabletop, sheets of paper or footprints placed on the floor, the therapist standing in for family members, or the client him- or herself moving from place to place. The constellation may also be done in the form of a guided visualization that the client experiences with eyes closed or in the form of a story told by the facilitator.

When you call to make an appointment for an individual session, we will arrange for a specific length of time. Most sessions run between 1 and 1.5 hours, but may be scheduled for a shorter or longer period as well. Perhaps it is just a follow-up from a previous group or session, or it is a "couples" session, which may benefit from a longer period. A short conversation can make clear the probable time frame necessary. Fees are $110/hour for individual sessions and $130/hour for couples.(See further details of policies regarding individual sessions)

The session begins with a statement of the issue and the outcome that you are looking for in your life. We will look at information regarding the family as necessary. As in all phenomenological work, some statements have more energy than others. Several options are available to illuminate hidden dynamics, just as in the group work - the morphic field, the phenomenon that supports the work in the group, is in our awareness during an individual session as well. Through the use of this field, entanglements may be seen, unresolved issues may be addressed, and resolutions may be found which release the flow of love in your life.

Any issue at all can be addressed in an individual session. Some people prefer the privacy of the individual session, cannot find the time to spend in a day-long workshop or are interested only in dealing with their own current issue. Some come to follow-up on an issue addressed in a group workshop and some come as a first step towards a group workshop.

This is brief therapy - very often, profound shifts in perspective happen quickly, having an immediate effect on your thoughts and behavior. Whatever your question, concern or issue, together we can find a solution. It is delightful to hear the descriptions of shifts that people experience when entanglements are revealed and love supports life in flowing on it's true course. (see )

Please call 828-273-5015 or email to make your appointment for an individual session. It may be the most fulfilling contact you make!

These questions are meant to help you remember or research relevant information about your family. Remember, it is facts rather than interpretations or dynamics which are most helpful in this work.

After doing a constellation or having an individual session, one can simply remain open to new ideas, thoughts and feelings which come from the passive integration of the images that have come to light. These new images which appeared with resolution will have an effect in their own time and in their own way, within the soul rather than the mind. This will invite shifts which have a ripple effect, touching all aspects of your life.



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