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Bert Hellinger’s innovative technology continues its rapid expansion, and is transforming lives in more than 35 countries worldwide. In Asheville, North Carolina, Sheila provides comprehensive programs for individuals, human service providers, commercial and non-profit enterprises, and organizations looking to realize their greatest potential.

The most relevant quesion is "whose life are you living?" Unconscious yet powerfully influential trans-generational family bonds have the power to entangle you in a fate that belongs not to you, but to an ancestor, two, three or even more generations back. Such entanglements can affect your personal and professional life, resulting in psychological and physical illness and disharmony.

Even those currently engaged in ongoing therapy find that constellation work adds depth to their process and often provides immediate results by bringing unconscious family dynamics to light. Such dynamics reflect loyalties children hold toward their family to maintain their sense of belonging even while creating problems and destructive patterns in their lives. When this previously unseen influence is revealed and acknowledged through the use of the Family Constellation, order is reestablished and love can flow freely once again.

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In family constellations work, FACTS provide the most significant information, in contrast with traditional therapy, which makes interpretations based on descriptions/opinions of character, personality and interpersonal dynamics.

What happened in the lives of the members of your present family or the past few generations of your family of origin, that was traumatic, unusual, or which significantly altered the course of events thereafter? These questions are meant to help you remember or research relevant information about your family.

After doing a constellation one can simply remain open, rather than making an effort to actively integrate the newly realized insights. The new images which appear when a resolution is found, will have an effect in their own time and in their own way, within the soul rather than the mind.



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