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I understand that not all who attend the workshop will have the chance to do a constellation. However, as the nature of this work depends largely on the shared energy and experience of the group, the movements that take place and resolutions that are found have meaning for all who participate or observe. The selection of those who participate in their own family constellation is at the sole discretion of the facilitator.

I understand that issues addressed in family constellation work may be of a highly personal and emotional nature and that I may experience or observe emotional or physical manifestations, accident or injury. I consider myself to have adequate mental, physical and emotional health to accept all such risks, and I hereby agree to assume this risk, including but not limited to the types of responses and manifestations described herein.

I understand that family constellation work is not intended as a substitute for therapy or for any other professional consultation, but rather it is designed as educational in nature. I understand that it is my sole discretionary decision to initiate or cease any other form of therapy.

I understand that no guarantee of results have been implied or stated. I understand that family constellation work, though practiced for more than a decade in Germany and other countries around the world, is still considered to be innovative, and research into its long and short-term effects is ongoing. I understand that I am free to leave the workshop at any time.


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