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Learning Circle

The Learning Circle provides an arena wherein the systemic phenomenological approach developed and refined by Bert Hellinger may be explored in all its facets.

The Learning Circle will be ongoing and may be approached in two ways. Being phenomenological in nature, every individual evening will be an independent unit, from which each participant will leave with an experience of this unique approach. ADDITIONALLY, understanding and assimilation of this work is cumulative, building upon itself as a person's exposure to the process expands. Therefore, evenings may be attended intermittently or as an ongoing experience.

Issues relating to conscience, guilt and innocence, love and belonging, life and death, illness and health, as well as others, will be addressed. Participants' own personal and professional issues, as well as topics reflected in the general social mythology will be explored using the phenomenological approach. Persons from diverse backgrounds will find themselves at home in the language and application of this work to their individual family soul as well as to the greater soul in which we all participate.

The Learning Circle takes place on Tuesday evenings, from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm. Cost is $35 each evening. Please email for directions.

The Learning Circle is facilitated by Sheila Saunders.


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