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Transcripts of Workshops

Constellation work continues to grow around the world. Bert Hellinger, despite his advanced age, still travels from continent to continent, hemisphere to hemisphere, leading workshops and teaching others to train their perception in the phenomenological approach. There are now a number of highly experienced and very committed professionals also facilitating workshops and leading trainings worldwide. What follows are a selection of transcripts from a variety of workshops.

Some of my own notes:

Learning Circle with Stephan Hausner (2007)

Nov. 2003 - Santa Barbara: Working with Psychosis: Day 1

Nov. 2003 - Santa Barbara: Day 2

2003 - International Constellation Congress: Oaxaca, Mexico - "Columbia Weeps": A Moving Constellation

Transcript provided by an unknown source:

Family Constellations as Applied Philosophy   (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Feb 2004)

Bert Hellinger Lectures and Articles:

Reports from two of Bert Hellinger's international workshops (2007 and 2003) by Suzi Tucker:

Peace Begins in the Soul (Fordham University, October 2004)

Bert Hellinger (transcribed by Dan Cohen)

Helping in Harmony
Bert Hellinger (Translation by Max Dauskardt)





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